Why You Shouldn’t Tow Your Own Vehicle

There are many individuals who think that they can haul their own automobiles and vehicles simply by attaching a tow ball hitch to it. The fact is there are more to just doing so. In fact, there are many reasons that trying to do a DIY tow your for own vehicle when it has broken down is actually a bad idea. The following we will examine the reasons why you should not tow on your own.

Towing Rating

Towing rating is the amount of weight a vehicle is able to tow without causing damage. If you are not sure of the rating of the vehicle you want to tow, it is plausible that it can get loaded and damaged when you attempt to tow with it. The damage can vary puncturing the tires, brake failure, heat exhausted transmissions and suspension damage. It is better to ask a professional towing company to provide the necessary towing services for you.


Towbars are important towing equipment. Each of the towbars come with its own ratings. Although different vehicles may use the same towbar, it is necessary to employ the appropriate one for your vehicle. Amateurs may use the wrong type of towbar, causing potential vehicle damage and safety issues.

Weight Levels of the Tongue

Tongue weight is the weight of the towing vehicle that is supported by the tow ball. This has an impact on the steering of the vehicle. When the tongue weight is over the accepted limit, you will experience issues in steering your vehicle. When the weight is too much, the vehicle will sway when driving. You should always take note of the delicate balance if you are towing by yourself. Do not attempt to tow unless you have confirmed that the tongue weight is at the appropriate level.

Braking Systems

Towing vehicles have more physical momentum when they are carrying another vehicle, which causes the braking system of the towing vehicle to work harder and becoming less effective. This has the effect of slowing your vehicle over a long period of time. Many States require towing vehicles of certain weights to have added braking systems to compensate such effect. Amateur towing attempts will often overlook this detail because of unawareness, which can lead to possibly dangerous towing operations. This is the reason why towing operations should be carried out by experienced and skilled towing professionals.

Observing the Towing Regulations

Different States have its own unique towing laws and regulations. Most of the States require towing vehicles to use safety chains and taillights; while some others demand the use of rear view options and side mirrors. Also, there is required maximum towing weight for specific vehicles. Some DIY towing drivers may not be aware of these towing regulations, which in turn may cause legal issues and safety hazards for the driver and other motorists.

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